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Becoming a Member

If you have completed all of the educational and practical experience requirements for the CPA certification program or a legacy program, we'll walk you through the final steps to membership:

  1. Once you have successfully completed the Common Final Examination (CFE), or a legacy program, and submitted your final Practical Experience Report, your file will be reviewed for admission to membership (process requires six to eight weeks).
  2. If you qualify, CPA Ontario will send you a personalized email instructions on how to submit your application online through My Portal. Make the necessary declarations and answer all questions pertaining to good character and bankruptcy.
  3. Follow the instructions provided, submit your completed online application and remit the one-time Admission to Membership fee of $500, plus $65 HST, plus your prorated Annual Member Dues as outlined in Regulation 11-1.
  4. Upon completion of Step 3, your file will be presented at the next monthly admission to membership review for approval.
  5. Once you have been admitted, you can use the CPA designation and your name will be added to the Member Directory. At this point, feel free to announce your success to the world — and on social media, using #cpaontario. You will receive a congratulatory email welcoming you to membership.
  6. Within six to eight weeks you will receive your official membership certificate.

For more information, review the Member's Handbook, Regulation 7-1

CPA Members of Another Provincial Body

Are you a CPA member from another province? Find out more about your path to becoming a member in Ontario.

Use of the CPA Designation

Students are not permitted to use the CPA designation or refer to themselves as a member of CPA Ontario or CPA Canada until they are officially admitted to membership. If you have specific questions regarding admission to membership, please contact us.
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