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Enrolment Overview

  1. Log in to My Portal.
  2. Select Manage My Journey from the side navigation.
  3. Select CPA PEP.
  4. Select the Enrol
  5. Complete enrolment, acknowledgements and applicable declarations

Fee Payment

Select your desired method of payment from the options available:

Select NO if you are paying now with Credit Card or Interac
Select YES if your employer will submit Payment directly to CPA Ontario at a later date. Please ensure we receive payment within three weeks of module start date.

Visa or MasterCard

  • Credit Card or Interac
  • Employer is Paying
    • Select this option if your employer will submit payment directly to CPA Ontario at a later date.
  • Confirm the payment total is correct:
  Examination Fee HST Total payable
Day 1,2,3 $1500.00 $195.00 $1695.00
Day 2 & 3 $1150.00 $149.50 $1299.50
Day 1 $650.00 $84.50 $734.50

  • If you receive an error message upon payment, do not re-enter your card information. Please contact CPA Ontario for assistance at or call 1 800 387.0735.

To access enrolment invoice, select Financial History, Invoices.