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May 2021 Common Final Examination (CFE)

Find answers to common questions about the May CFE

The global pandemic continues to have devastating impacts on communities here in Canada and around the world. High COVID-19 case counts, and new variants continue to present significant concern. In particular, Ontario and Quebec have been heavily affected, with many regions still facing intermittent lockdowns. To stop further spreading of the virus, Public Health has been clear that we must all remain vigilant during this time.

Given the ongoing uncertainty with respect to the COVID situation, we previously delayed the opening of exam bookings for the May CFE. We can now confirm that, based on the ongoing public health situation in our regions, CPA Ontario and CPA Quebec have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the May 2021 CFE. As the CPA PEP Capstone 2 module is a preparation module for the CFE, it will also be cancelled.

At this time, all other Canadian regions with the exception of Ontario and Quebec will still be proceeding with the May CFE as planned.
While we understand this is disappointing news, the health and safety of our exam writers, volunteers and employees must come first.

Additional details can be found below:

  • The next sitting for CFE will be held in September 2021 and registration will open in May.
  • Capstone 2 will be offered in July and will run for eight weeks leading up to the September CFE. Registration for Capstone 2 will also open in May.
  • Out of province writers from Ontario and Quebec will not be permitted to write in other provinces. Students will have a chance to write the CFE at our next offering in September.
  • In addition, if you now wish to order a Performance Analysis Review (PAR) of your 2020 CFE, you may do so from March 16-21 and these PARS will be made available by July 1.

Given the cancellation of the CFE in some regions, but other still moving forward, the following Day 1 cases will be on the upcoming CFEs:

Sept. 2021 Waste Disposal Inc. v2 Distinct Hotels v3
May 2022 Creative Toys v1
Sept 2022 CanDo Fitness v1 Waste Disposal Inc. v3