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Develop Both Technical and Enabling Competencies over a Minimum of 30 Months of Qualifying Practical Experience.

Technical Competency Areas

Each of the six Technical Competency areas comprises of three or four competency sub-areas. A future CPA must achieve a minimum number of competency sub-areas to achieve the core, depth, breadth and progression requirements.


CPA Ontario students are expected to perform increasingly complex, less routine work with increasing autonomy during their work term. At the start, work is largely confined to retrieving and comprehending information. As further experience is gained, it begins to develop into analysis and, by the end of the practical term, CPA Ontario students develop the ability to make effective decisions and problem solve, as well as take on increasingly complex and less routine work.

Enabling Competencies

Enabling Competencies reflect the personal attributes that make for a successful career. Under the guidance of their CPA Ontario mentors, students are guided to develop these five essential competencies to a Level 2 proficiency by the end of their practical experience term.

Enabling Competencies

Find out how to Develop and Report Enabling Competencies

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