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Practical Experience Routes


In the Experience Verification Route (EVR), students work in any position that meets the initial pre-assessment requirements. As they gain work experience, they’re able to submit detailed experience reports at key milestone reporting dates, which are verified by a supervisor. Students work directly with CPA Ontario to have their experience assessed as gained at key milestone dates, which may take longer than 30 months because students can progress at their own pace. Additional benefits of pursuing EVR include: the flexibility to work in one job or a combination of jobs, as long as they meet the necessary program requirements.

Students Drive Their Own Success via EVR Programs

The flexibility afforded to CPA Ontario students who follow the EVR path demands increased student involvement in meeting the Practical Experience Requirements. While students are accountable for more activities, they’re also able to more significantly direct the course of their practical experience development. Employers play a supporting role, to verify student reports and ensure that they’re progressing to become a CPA.

Student Responsibilities in EVR Include:

  • Requesting meetings with your mentor as required (note: you are required to have 2 mentor reviews for every 12 months of current
  • Developing and documenting both your Technical and Enabling Competencies in PERT
  • Obtaining supervisor verification for experience reports you’ve completed.
  • Report a change of job to CPA Ontario via PERT within 90 days of moving into a different job with the same or new employer

Employer Responsibilities in EVR

Supervisor will verify the factual accuracy of the duties reported by the student. Delay in completing supervisor verification will postpone students from meeting membership requirements

Employer Responsibilities in EVR

Not all Work Opportunities and Environments Meet Practical Experience Competency Requirements

Use these handy resources to determine if your current or prospective work meets the necessary competency requirements to start reporting your practical experience in PERT:

Thinking of accepting a role providing accounting services to the public?

Make sure your employer is appropriately registered as a Firm with CPA Ontario.

Finding it Difficult to Keep all of Your Acronyms Straight?

View this handy glossary of terms commonly used in the interpretation of CPA Ontario Practical Experience Requirements