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Practical Experience On the Job

Through the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR), employers work with CPA Ontario to create programs that meet the CPA Ontario Practical Experience Requirements. While participating in PPR training programs, CPA Ontario students are accountable for meeting with their mentors semi-annually and are required to complete streamlined self-assessments in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT) throughout their 30-month practical experience term.

More than 500 Employers are Pre-Approved to Offer Over 1,000 Student Training Programs

Pre-Approved Program Directory

Pre-Approved Programs are positions and/or programs offered by employers that allow students in the CPA program to satisfy all of their CPA Practical Experience Requirements. These programs are monitored and approved by CPA Ontario to ensure the training program meets the standards of the profession.

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The Vital Relationship Between CPA Ontario Students and Employers

PPR training programs offer an invaluable opportunity for CPA Ontario students to learn from their mentors and gain practical, hands-on experience that complements their CPA PEP coursework. In order to fulfill their roles and gain the best results from the student–mentor relationship, we advise students and employers to keep the following responsibilities in mind.

How to Report your Pre-Approved Program Route Experience in PERT

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Employers Play an Important Part in the Designation Process of Future CPAs.

As mentors, program leaders or managers in the Pre-Approved Program Route, their staff help to train and guide students through their practical experience — a necessary requirement on their path to achieving the CPA designation.

Learn About Roles for Employers and How You Can Get Involved