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If you do not believe that you will complete your outstanding requirements by the prescribed deadline you may request a timeline extension for the consideration of the Registrar under extraordinary circumstances, as per Regulation 9-1, s.2:

The Registrar shall have discretion in extraordinary circumstances to extend any time period prescribed in this Regulation, and/or as provided in the CPA Ontario Professional Education Requirements or the CPA Harmonized Education Policies.

To apply for a timeline extension for the consideration of the Registrar, you are required to submit the following:

  • a written explanation of the extraordinary circumstances, which in your opinion, might allow you an extension of time to complete the outstanding requirements (please outline how long of an extension you would like to request)
  • any relevant documentation supporting your extraordinary circumstances

You can submit this request to

Please note you are required to pay the Annual Student Dues (ASD) during the timeline extension, if granted.