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Now that you have built some rapport with your mentee and have outlined your expectations for each other, it is time to review, discuss, and document their progress in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).

You will need to have two documented meetings in PERT for every 12 months of current practical experience your mentee completes.


  1. You will need to review your mentee’s experience report prior to meeting with them to familiarize yourself with their progress.
      • Run a consolidated summary in PERT to give you an overview of their progress.
      • Read their technical competencies report and determine if their self-assessment is reasonable. Ask yourself, could they have reached the level they assess themselves at in the time-period they have been reporting their current experience?
      • Review their enabling competencies. Ask yourself, Is their description of the events clear? Do you have any questions about the experience they are trying to describe?
    1. Meet with your mentee to discuss their experience report. Share your experiences and assist them with any issues they may be facing.
        • Develop and agree on a competency development plan for future development
      1. Following the meeting, take the time to document your notes in PERT. Your notes are fundamental in CPA Ontario’s interpretation of your mentee’s experience report.


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