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As you continue meeting with your mentee, you should be seeing the progress they make. Some mentees would have submitted prior experience to CPA Ontario, ensure you run the consolidated summary before every meeting to determine what competencies your mentee has left to demonstrate and report.


  1. Continue preparing for, discussing, and documenting your meetings with your mentee, while paying close attention to the competencies that are yet to be developed. Assist your mentee in identifying what they need to do in order to meet their competency requirements and update the competency development plan. Continue to meet with your mentee until they are ready for completion, and CPA Ontario, with the help of your comments, has determined that all exit requirements have been met.

    The following are the exit requirements a CPA student needs to meet in order to complete their Practical Experience:

    • A minimum of 30 months of full-time, reported, and relevant practical experience.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in the core, depth, and breadth of the technical competencies.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in all enabling competencies.
    • Supervisor sign off on the factual accuracy of the student experience.
    • Completion and documentation in PERT the required number of mandatory meetings.


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