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Ivey Academy and CPA Ontario - Leadership Development Pathways

Leadership Journey for CPAs: Teams in Virtual Space

NOTE: This course is delivered virtually over four weeks and includes 20 hours of learning. Expect highly interactive live sessions led by expert Ivey faculty, small peer learning groups, executive coaching, online simulations and learning journeys.

The Topics


Through expert-led seminars and deep discussion with peers, you will gain vital insights on the potential for tangible change – in your business and in society.

This course blends contemporary academic research with practical, case-based, experiential learning and real-world expertise. Gain actionable business insights and access to a network of alumni that supports continuing individual growth.

Learning methods include:

  • Self-paced learning activities including pre-recorded videos, readings, case studies, private forums and self-reflection exercises
  • Live sessions led by expert Ivey faculty
  • Peer learning sessions in which participants share experiences, exchange ideas and collaborate to solve challenges in virtual breakout groups during a larger session
  • Small group discussions moderated by professional coaches from Ivey Coaching Academy in which you exchange peer support with like-minded leaders


  • Improve remote work and virtual management skills
  • Reset how your team works together by applying best practices and research on virtual teams
  • Improve awareness of the heightened importance of team basics in virtual settings
  • Increase your ability to assess your team’s needs across changing situations and contexts, and act to improve your team’s dynamics in targeted ways
  • Harness the benefits of working virtually for your own team, no matter how virtual or co-located you are
  • Learn how to develop leadership in the team, increasing empowerment for the team and its individual members


This course is designed for tenured CPAs who are senior executives (e.g. VPs, Partners, General Managers, Executive Directors) with strategic decision-making responsibilities, who may want to run their own company or work in other industries. They should possess five to fourteen years of experience.

While not required, we often recommend that two leaders from one organization attend together to maximize learning outcomes. This helps to generate dialogue and maximize learning outcomes for your entire team, not just course participants.


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Martha Maznevski joined the Ivey Business School as a professor in September 2016, returning two decades after graduating from Ivey with a PhD in Organizational Behaviour, specializing in cross-cultural management. She teaches in the areas of leadership, teams, and global management, including leading continuous and disruptive change, diversity and inclusion, and digital transformation. Prior to joining The Ivey Academy, Martha held program directorship roles at IMD (Institute for Management Development) in Switzerland where her portfolio included a wide variety of custom programs for senior leaders at companies in a variety of industry sectors and geographies. At The Ivey Academy, Martha is a Faculty Director and co-directs the Ivey Executive Program. She also launched the Ivey Coaching Academy, a program to develop experienced executive coaches. Martha serves as a consultant and advisor to organizations around the world on challenges and opportunities of managing people globally, and works with global humanitarian and conservation NGOs.

Find new ways to motivate virtual team performance in the "new normal" — distanced, decentralized and innovative.

The Ivey Academy and CPA Ontario Leadership Development Pathways are a collaboration between CPA Ontario and The Ivey Academy at Ivey Business School to deliver professional leadership development tailored for emerging and established CPAs alike.

Please visit our website for more information on this unique learning experience and how to earn a Certificate in Executive Leadership.

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